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Sovet italia furniture

One of the world’s most well-respected glass furniture brands, here at Glassdomain we love what Sovet stands for which is why we have been showcasing their fantastic designs for over five years.

With over two decades of design and manufacture, Sovet Italia is a brand you can trust. See our full range of Sovet products below or find out more about the brand here – Brand Focus – Sovet Italia.

Unlike many Italian design houses, Sovet is able to offer tailored versions of most of their furniture. Should you want some aspect of a design altered, such as size, shape or colour we are able to accommodate these alterations, Contact us with your requirement, Or Phone us on 0121 236 6637. 


SO.VE.T was founded at the end of 80’s by six Trevisan glaziers. In 1990 it has been taken over by the current owner who converted it into a successful company able to establish itself as a new protagonist in the world of the design furniture made in Italy. SO.VE.T. immediately stands out for the functionality and style of its products.

Today SOVETITALIA continues its research and development path. The distinctive features of its design and the acquired experience together with the most advanced technologies allow SO.VE.T. to work and explore not only the glass but also other materials such as steel, aluminium, ceramic and wood.

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  • Glass dining table - Lambda by sovet italia - Circular
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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Italian Dining Table
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  • slim stool
    slim stool grey
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  • Floor standing mirror
    Floor standing mirror bronze
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  • curved glass coffee table - bridge by sovet italia
    Curved glass coffee table - Bridge by Sovet Italia
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  • Glass Desk
    Designer Glass Desk
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    Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • Modern Glass Coffee Table
    Rubino Coffee Table Finishes
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  • Full length framed mirror
    Full length framed dressing mirror
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  • slim bench
    slim bench wood
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  • Metal and glass coffee table
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  • Aikido Dining Table
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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Glass and wood dining table
    Glass top Wooden base dining table
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  • Decorative Concave Mirror
    Wall mounted Concave Mirror
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  • Decorative Convex Mirror
    Convex Wall Mirror
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  • Nesting Tables
    Glass table trix sovet italia
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  • Circular Framed Mirror
    Circular Framed Mirror closeup
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  • Geometric coffee table
    Geometric Coffee Table Piktor glass
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  • Framed Leaning Mirror
    Framed Leaning Mirror and small mirror
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  • coffee table with magazine rack
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  • Contemporary Framed Mirror
    Framed Mirror Rose
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  • Sovet Coffee Table
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  • Office Desk
    Slim Office Desk Corner Detail
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  • Regolo Circular Coffee Table
    Regolo Circular Coffee Table glass wood
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