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Wall Mounted Mirrors

Not matter the size of your room wall space is always available, make the most of this unused area with one of our Wall Mounted Mirrors. Mount a large wall mirror near your front door, not only will it reflecting light throughout your home it will also allow you to see how good you look as you leave, something we all do instinctively. Use more unusual wall mirrors with coloured, curved or shaped elements to add texture and intrigue to your interiors. With out beautiful range of mirrors available in all manor of designs, finishes and sizes fining something perfect has never been easier.

Searching for a wall mirror to create a design feature in your home? Look no further than one of our unbelievably beautiful ornate mirrors, such as the Sturm und Drang Mirror. We offer a fantastic range of Wall Mounted Mirrors from established and up and coming brands. All our Mirrors have been chosen to fit perfectly with our glass furniture and the wide range of styles ensures you will find the mirror to suit your home.

Always consider if you will Mount your new mirror portrait or landscape and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Or Phone us on 0121 236 6637. 

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  • Bric chamfered mirror by Glass Italia
    Bric Wall Mirror Round by Glass Italia
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  • large wall mirror
    large wall mirror hanging
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  • Mandala wood framed mirrors
    mandala wood framed mirrors
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  • large oval mirror
    large oval mirror Mary
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  • wall mirror
    wall mirror mounted
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  • Palanco ceiling hung mirror
    palanco ceiling hung mirror
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  • Large Silver Oval Mirror
    Silver Oval Mirror
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  • PRISM Contemporary Mirror
    PRISM hex Contemporary Mirror
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  • Scornice decorative wall mirrors
    Scornice decorative wall mirrors square
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  • settecento
    settecento brown
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  • illusion mirror
    illusion mirror 2017
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  • brilliante Mirror shapes by Glass Italia
    brilliante circle by Glass Italia
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  • Giano unusual mirrors
    Dioniso Mirror Glass Italia
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  • Leon Battista Mirror laudani & romanelli
    Leon Battista Mirror on the wall
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  • Decorative Concave Mirror
    Wall mounted Concave Mirror
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  • Decorative Convex Mirror
    Convex Wall Mirror
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  • Circular Framed Mirror
    Circular Framed Mirror closeup
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  • pop mirror circular
    pop mirror rectangular
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  • Contemporary Framed Mirror
    Framed Mirror Rose
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  • Square Framed Mirror
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  • Caadre Mirror by Philippe Starck
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  • sturm und drang mirror
    sturm und drang mirror far
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  • Rokoko Mirror
    mirror rokoko
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