4 Pieces of Furniture That Will Transform Your Living Room

4 Pieces of Furniture That Will Transform Your Living Room

Living rooms serve different purposes for different people. In some homes they serve as the main gathering area for family, while in others they’re more of a show room, used only when company comes over. Either way, certain pieces of furniture can be used to transform a living room into the focal point of the house. Check out our top 4 pieces of furniture that will certainly give your living room that wow factor.

living room furniture regolo

1. Coffee Tables – Regolo

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture that can transform any living room into the focal point of the house. Not only are coffee tables useful for storing all your magazines and books, they are also handy to have by the side of your sofa to rest your snacks and a cup of tea.

The key things when choosing a coffee table will be the appearance, size and whether it ‘fits’ in your living room. For example, selecting a small coffee table that can quickly move to any area in your living room might be ideal if you constantly have guests round.

The perfect coffee table that can transform any living room is the ‘Regolo’. The reason why the ‘Regolo’ is so versatile is due to the 3 different shapes it comes in. The square, circular and rectangular Regolo coffee tables are all constructed from wood and glass. The spectacular triangular Regolo coffee table is the perfect shape for those awkward corners when used individually. Multiple tables can also be combined to take the place of a standard square or circular table and provide a real focal point for any room.

These tables are perfect for use as a pair. Together they form a rectangle, yet can be separated to form two smaller occasional coffee table.

Expertly crafted by Sovet Italia

See the full Regolo coffee table range.

living room furniture sofa

2. Sofa’s – Crystal Lounge

For the majority of people, living room sofas serve as one of the most essential items of living room decor. In fact, people see to them as the crowning jewel of their room decor, sprucing up the ambience of a living room. Today, furniture markets of the world are teeming with amazing variations in sizes, shapes, styles, colours and fabrics of sofas.

A unique sofa with a stunning glass element is the ‘Crystal’.

This ultra modern Crystal Contemporary Sofa is a customer favourite and is one of the most amazing sofas our furniture collection. This sofa is available in either a 2-seat or 3-seat composition (3-seat composition is pictured). This glass sofa appears to be floating in space thanks to its tempered transparent extra-light glass frame. The Crystal Lounge Sectional Sofa was designed by notable French designer Jean-Marie Massaud for the prestigious Glas Italia in Macherio, Italy. Crystal Lounge is a collection of modular sofas and armchairs in 15 mm thick transparent extralight glass shaped, tempered and glued together. The glass structure contains soft removable cushions, available in white, black, blue and red fabric.

A true signature piece, a sofa made entirely out of transparent tempered glass.

This sofa will without a doubt wow any guests that visit your home.

See the Crystal Sofa.

living room furniture mirror

3. Mirror’s – Visual-Floor Standing Mirror

Stay on trend with this fantastic tinted mirror. As we have all seen over the last 18 months copper tones and coloured metallic finishes have become a must for living rooms. Taking more than a small amount of inspiration from the ever popular vintage industrial style the ‘Visual’ mirror features tinted mirrored surfaces and a rugged metal frame.

This mirror is not only a perfect piece for updating a tired looking living room, it also features two handy clothes rail.

No longer will coats and gloves be placed on the backs of chairs in your living room, now simply fold them over the ‘Visual’s’ inbuilt storage rail, shoes and slippers can even be lent up against the lower rail keeping your room clutter free.

This leaning wall mirror is made with an aluminium frame that can be finished in a dark Mocha or metallic Burnished Brass. The central mirror can be finished in a range of tinted reflective finishes.

See this stunning Visual-Floor Standing Mirror.

living room furniture

4. Side Tables – Nido Nesting Side Tables

Nesting tables have always been utilised by interior designers looking to inject space saving measures into living rooms and this rings as true now as it ever has.

The Nido nest of tables takes this idea and brings it slap bang into 2017. The Nido design pairs beautifully with the ‘Visual’ mirror already discussed metal frame on both pieces can be finished in burnished or dark mocha.

By matching elements in this way within your living room you can create a sense of cohesion.

Tip: Try placing furniture with matching elements throughout your living room rather than all in one corner to help the eye to flow easily through the room.

The Living room is the jack of all trades of the home, doubling up as both a relaxation and entertainment space. In such a multi-purpose room space is crucial. It needs to house a sofa, audio visual equipment, armchairs, rugs, coffee tables, A.V units, Lamps, Shelves, Storage… ETC. all without the space feeling cramped. While this can be hard to get right a set of nesting tables such as the ‘Nido’ can help to de clutter the living room.

See the Nido Nesting Side Tables HERE.

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