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Glass Coffee Table Guide

At Glassdomain we are committed to using design to improve lifestyle. Contemporary glass furniture must not only look good but also meet our customers’ changing needs. All of our glass furniture is designed to maximise the effective use of your space and to provide truly innovative and flexible storage solutions for the home or office.


How Strong is a Glass Table ?

We are constantly getting asked,  “How strong is a glass table?” –  especially when a customer is considering purchasing a glass table or glass desk for their home. All glass used in a home or office situations should either be toughened or considered a robust glass i.e. a glass that achieves its strength through its thickness. How is Glass Toughened Toughened glass or Tempered glass obtains its strength from the process it undergoes. Toughened glass starts life as standard float glass. Float glass, when shattered breaks into dagger-like pieces and can be harmful, it... Read More

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How to Clean a Glass Table – Our Handy Guide

Glass tables are perfect for brightening up any area of your home, from bedroom to living room there is something intrinsically beautiful about the transparency of glass, seemingly ethereal and light yet robust enough for everyday use. Whether you are hunting for that perfect coffee table or dining table or simply looking to replace a glass table top you should ensure your glass furniture is looking its best. Here at glass domain we get asked time and time again ‘How do I clean my glass table?’ so we have put together a helpful guide based on our decades of experience as the UK’s number one glass furniture designers and retailers.