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Bespoke Formula 1 Lamborghini Engine Block Table

In 1987 Lamborghini was bought by the Chrysler Corporation & their then President Lee Iacocca decided that the Italian firm should enter Formula 1. Former Ferrari team manager Daniele Audetto was hired to run the company now called Lamborghini Engineering in Bologna & Mauro, Forghieri was appointed technical director to oversee the design & construction of a V12 Formula 1 engine for the new 3.5 litre regulations for 1989.


If Design Awards 2017 – Riverside Chair winner

The If Design  Awards ceremony 2017 has been finished for a while now however if you didn’t make it to the awards ceremony the winners have only just been announced. We are happy to say that the stunning ‘Riverside Chair’  designed by Mac Stopa for Tonon has just won! The If design awards are world renowned as one the highlights of the design calendar. Showcasing young and emerging talent and pushing them into the much deserved spotlight. We are please to offer praise to both Tonon and Mac for a fantastic product and hope... Read More


Exciting Ideas in Glass

Glass has been manufactured in one way or another since 3500 BC! The Romans were the first to realise the benefits of glass in windows , allowing natural light to penetrate dark rooms whilst keeping the weather at bay. In more recent times, this amazing material has evolved and is now used in a whole variety of functional and decorative situations.

Where to buy a glass table top?

As we all know a lot of time spent relaxing, watching films, listening to music and talking to friends happens in the living room. This room is an integral part of everyday life and it's furnishings should reflect that. A high-quality glass top on your coffee table or side table is the perfect way to protect the table top without losing any of the pieces beauty. Below we have put together a handy list to ensure you find the perfect glass table top for your furniture.

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Tonon Tables. Introducing 213 Mac’s Table.

Exciting times here at glassdomain, we are now adding the beautiful Tonon Tables to our website. The first table of note from Tonon is ‘213 Mac’s Table’, designed by Mac Stopa, founder of award winning firm ‘Massive Design’. This tables charm comes from something repeated in much of Mac’s work, Tessellation of modular sections. The beauty of this method of modulation is that it results in a system with the ability to form objects of unlimited complexity, size and shape. This intriguing trait is show cased on Mac’s pedestal table,... Read More