Bespoke Formula 1 Lamborghini Engine Block Table

Bespoke Formula 1 Lamborghini Engine Block Table


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V12 Engine

The engine used in this coffee table was made for the Lotus F1 102 Racing Team by Lamborghini.

In 1987 Lamborghini was bought by the Chrysler Corporation & their then President Lee Iacocca decided that the Italian firm should enter Formula 1.  Former Ferrari team manager Daniele Audetto was hired to run the company now called Lamborghini Engineering in Bologna & Mauro, Forghieri was appointed technical director to oversee the design & construction of a V12 Formula 1 engine for the new 3.5 litre regulations for 1989.

The Lamborghini V12 engine was used initially by Larrousse-Calmels team for the 1989 season who used it again in 1990 as did Camel Team Lotus, Larrousse earning its first podium with driver Aguri Suzuki in Japan & the team finishing sixth in the world championship.

In 1991 Larrousse became Ligier while Lotus were replaced by Modena Team.

The Lamborghini 3512,  V12 of 3496cc was used in the Camel Team Lotus 102 designed by Frank Dernie & used during the 1990 F1 season, their total race points of 3 being won by Derek Warwick with a 6th place in Canada & a 5th place in Hungary that year.

This V12 Lamborghini produced 700bhp at 13,000rpm (750bhp at 14,000rpm in race trim).  Team Lotus only produced five 102 chassis for the season.  There is only one 102 chassis known today to be in running condition & that turns out regularly for the Goodwood occassions.

Only being used for one season and having come from a clearout of Team Lotus parts some years ago this is a very rare Lamborghini block.

f1 engine block table 102

Lotus F1 102 Racing Car

The Lotus 102 was a Formula One racing car designed by Lotus for use in the 1990 Formula One season. The 102 was an evolution of the Lotus 101 and would eventually go on to compete in 37 races spanning three seasons from 1990 until 1992.

Using the 101 as its basis, Frank Dernie incorporated the 640 bhp (477 kW/ 649 PS) Lamborghini V12 engine that had been used by the Larrousse Lola team during 1989. Its use made the 102 the only Lotus to race with a V12 engine.

The sonorous 3.5 litre Lamborghini engine produces 700 bhp at 13,000 rpm (750 bhp at 14,000 race trim) and sounds truly superb. Team Lotus manufactured five 102 chassis for the 1990 season, and they were raced by Derek Warwick, Martin Donnelly and Johnny Herbert.



f1 engine block table

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