Brand Focus – Sovet Italia

Brand Focus - Sovet italia - Glass Furniture

SO.VE.T was founded at the end of the 80’s by six Trevisan glaziers. In 1990 it was taken over by the current owner who converted it into a successful company able to establish itself as a new protagonist in the world of the furniture design made in Italy. SO.VE.T. immediately stands out for the functionality and style of its products.

In the 90’s it became a landmark in the glass furniture sector thanks to a range of products of original shapes and unique complements. It started to collaborate with studios of international reputation: which in 2003 arose the DIVETRO collection, developed together with the prestigious Spanish studio Lievore Altherr Molina. 

Today SOVETITALIA continues its research and development path. The distinctive features of its design and the acquired experience together with the most advanced technologies allow SO.VE.T. to work and explore not only the glass but also other materials such as steel, aluminium, ceramic and wood.

The skills developed throughout 25 years are at the service of special and custom made projects realised by architects and interior designers. Through them, SOVETITALIA aims to spread the design, the craftsmanship and the quality of its collections.

The future is the point of view from which we look at the present in order to achieve our aims. The company has always been creating high quality design products that combine all the values of “made in Italy”.

Sovet Furniture

Throughout the month of March, we have been focusing on one of our favourite brands – SOVET. We have been offering a 10% discount across their entire range of furniture, and as our sale runs into its final week, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Claim your piece of SOVET furniture today!

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SOVETITALIA represents the tradition of glass bending. The company is among the pioneers in the production of glass sinks obtained through the bending of float glass. It currently collaborates with the most reputable companies of bathroom furniture.


SOVETITALIA uses the abilities, the skillful artisan hands and the most advanced technologies to reach the best quality standards.


Its know-how expands through the creation of accessories made with the most sophisticated and original glasses such as the innovative carbon-treated glass or the combination with other materials such as wood, steel, ceramic and aluminium.



Aikido Dining Table

Key features

  • Italian design. 
  • Available with an Oval or Circular table top
  • Table top available in a range of colors or left in clear glass.
  • Range of sizes.
  • Geometric Base can be made from woods and metals.

The Aikido glass dining table combines superb, quality materials and a beautifully original design to create a show stopping glass dining table.

The dining table base can be manufactured in luxurious polished chrome. Alternatively this glass dining table can be produced with a real wood finish for a softer warmer feel. the wooden table base can be finished in either Walnut, Oak or Oak with a Wenge finish.

Regolo – Triangular Coffee Table

  • Triangular wooden or glass top – in various finishes
  • Beautiful combination of glass and wood in this new, on trend design.
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Perfect for use as a pair. Together they form a rectangle yet can be separated to form two smaller occasional coffee table. 

Triangular coffee table constructed from glass and wood. Two options are available either with a glass top and wooden base or with a wooden top and glass base. This spectacular triangular coffee table is the perfect shape for those awkward corners when used individually. Multiple tables can also be combined to take the place of a standard square of circular table and provide a real focal point for any room.

In the glass top version the top is a black 12mm laminated glass and the base is composed of one smoked glass element and one wooden element, available in three tones. In the wooden top version the top is made from a 26mm section of wood, available in thee tones and the base is made up of one smoked glass element and one black laminated glass element.


Visual – Floor Standing Mirror

Key features

  • Availabe in Bronze, Grey, Rose, Gold and Standard mirror finishes.
  • Frame in Mocha or burnished metal.
  • Simple leaning design
  • Modern style.

This Floor Standing Mirror is available in a wide range of mirror finishes. As more exotic mirror tints are becoming increasingly popular we have decided to offer the wonderful ‘VISUAL’ range. this particular variation comes with a frame designed to be lent against a wall.

Ideal for use as a dressing mirror due to its full length span and handy cross bars for hanging towels, clothes etc.

Flute – Oval Dining Table

Key features

  • Top and base – in various finishes.
  • Fluted base offers maximum leg space .
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Top also available in Ceramic or Materia, contact us for details.

This Oval Glass Dining Table named the ‘Flute’ due to its elegant fluted base is a stylish solution which will add charm and sophistication to any home.

This version is produced with an oval shaped glass table top which is supported by a metal centre base. The centre base has an elegant curve profile which maximised on leg space while providing a strong support for the glass table top. The base is available in several different colours including polished chrome. This centre base glass dining is finished with a thick toughened glass table top which is available in a variety of different colours and finishes, making this top easy to integrate with your interior scheme.


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