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Incredible furniture designs with provenance

And now for something completely different! Those of you old enough to remember will recognise this Monty Python strap-line. Well this was exactly the phrase that sprang to mind when I first saw these extraordinary furniture pieces. Each manufactured with loving care from a structure with heritage. Take for instance this glass table crafted from an original three bladed propeller last used on the Royal Air Force, De Haviland Devon aircraft, serial number XM223. This unique piece of history sits on a highly polished metal base which has sympathetic styling.  This glass... Read More

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Stunning aquatic glass sculpture by Ben Young

Artist Ben Young has been sculpting glass by hand for over a decade now, however, of late his work has been grabbing more attention from galleries and collectors world wide. Looking through his back catalogue makes you wonder how it took people so long to cotton on to this unique sculptors talent. Ben’s formative years were spent growing up along side the idyllic Bay of plenty in New Zealand. His childhood immersed in this wonderful landscape has clearly influenced the themes portrayed in Ben’s work , mainly that of nature... Read More

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Danny Lane – Sculpture inspired Glass Furniture

At Glassdomain, whilst we specialise in glass furniture, we admire all things glass. Danny Lane is a designer who’s work we love, ranging from huge glass sculpture installations, through to exquisite and very exclusive glass furniture. Lane’s work combines a monumental, and at times brutal, physicality; stacked and fractured glass, twisted or rusted steel, with his strong belief in the metaphysical and transcendental qualities of art. His London studio is equipped to create works of considerable scale, in glass, and in steel. Glass furnaces will now enable Lane to create works... Read More