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How to Clean a Glass Table – Our Handy Guide

Glass tables are perfect for brightening up any area of your home, from bedroom to living room there is something intrinsically beautiful about the transparency of glass, seemingly ethereal and light yet robust enough for everyday use. Whether you are hunting for that perfect coffee table or dining table or simply looking to replace a glass table top you should ensure your glass furniture is looking its best. Here at glass domain we get asked time and time again ‘How do I clean my glass table?’ so we have put together a helpful guide based on our decades of experience as the UK’s number one glass furniture designers and retailers.


How do you childproof a glass coffee table?

How do you childproof a glass coffee table? This is a question that concerns most anxious parents and deserves serious consideration. If you are thinking about buying a new glass coffee table then it can be reasonably easy. simply follow our babyproofing tips below and all should be well.

Where to buy a glass table top?

As we all know a lot of time spent relaxing, watching films, listening to music and talking to friends happens in the living room. This room is an integral part of everyday life and it's furnishings should reflect that. A high-quality glass top on your coffee table or side table is the perfect way to protect the table top without losing any of the pieces beauty. Below we have put together a handy list to ensure you find the perfect glass table top for your furniture.

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Why should I buy glass furniture?

Why Should i Buy Glass Furniture? The main reason for choosing glass furniture is, glass is a great material choice in furniture. Glass reflects light with a natural sparkle, and therefore draws converted attention of anyone close by. The benefits of glass as a material choice extend to that fact that glass is a very resilient hard wearing material – the surface is impervious so will not stain and it will not warp or deteriorate. It might not be obvious but good quality glass furniture for outperforms comparable materials such as perspex/plastic, wood or... Read More

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Focus on: Charlotte Glass Tables by Fiam Italia

  Focus on: Charlotte Glass Tables by Fiam Italia In life there are few products that create a “must have” feeling. This feeling can be generated by the material, the shape or the popularity of the designer. Glassdomain have spent a long time researching their product range to ensure the items they offer reflect all of these factors. One such family of products are the renowned Charlotte tables. Manufactured in Italy by the world’s leading glass company FIAM these tables are gently formed and fashioned into curved glass structures that... Read More

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Tonon Tables. Introducing 213 Mac’s Table.

Exciting times here at glassdomain, we are now adding the beautiful Tonon Tables to our website. The first table of note from Tonon is ‘213 Mac’s Table’, designed by Mac Stopa, founder of award winning firm ‘Massive Design’. This tables charm comes from something repeated in much of Mac’s work, Tessellation of modular sections. The beauty of this method of modulation is that it results in a system with the ability to form objects of unlimited complexity, size and shape. This intriguing trait is show cased on Mac’s pedestal table,... Read More

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Contemporary Dining Tables made from Glass

Glass Contemporary Dining Tables Over recent months we have found ourselves supplying more and more large scale dining tables. While the designs offer a great function in terms of space the clear glass table top allows rooms to remain light and spacious. We have selected a few of our favourite designs below: Large glass dining tables – Aikido   Large Glass dining Table – Lambda   All Glass Dining Table   Large Wood and Glass dining Table – Toronto   We have plenty more designs to browse through on our glass dining tables page where... Read More