How to Clean a Glass Table – Our Handy Guide

how to clean a glass table

The Streak Free Guide to Cleaning Your Glass Table

Glass tables are perfect for brightening up any area of your home, from bedroom to living room there is something intrinsically beautiful about the transparency of glass, seemingly ethereal and light yet robust enough for everyday use. Whether you are hunting for that perfect coffee table or dining table or simply looking to replace a glass table top you should ensure your glass furniture is looking its best. Here at glass domain we get asked time and time again ‘How do I clean my glass table?’ so we have put together a helpful guide based on our decades of experience as the UK’s number one glass furniture designers and retailers.

Here is how to clean a glass table:

To keep your glass table looking its best you are going to want to ensure it stays free from dirt and dust. We advise cleaning your glass table once a week or fortnight. This will greatly depend upon how regularly the table is used and for what purpose. Cleaning your glass table is easy and with just a few steps you will have glistening, perfectly clean table in no time.

Firstly you should ensure you have the correct tools for the job and then follow our simple step by step guide on how to clean a glass table.


You will need

  • Two clean Microfiber cloths.
  • A duster or Paper Roll (Centre feed Blue roll or Kitchen paper do the job. However any soft paper role will work).
  • A spray can of glass cleaner (We use CRL Glass Cleaner).
  • Newspaper (optional).*

Glass Cleaner, Micro Fibre cloth, News paper.

Step 1

The very first step in cleaning your glass table is to remove all items currently on top of the table that may obstruct the cleaning process. Set them aside ready to be put back in place one the table is clean.


Step 2

Using your duster or a few sheets of your paper role remove dust and light debris from the table top. This will stop the dust from becoming trapped on the table during the wet cleaning stage and ensure that you can identify any dried or sticky stains.


Step 3

Spray your glass cleaner directly onto any heavy stains and let them soak for approximately thirty seconds. Now take one of your clean micro fiber cloths and using a circular motion apply a small amount of pressure to the stain. For particularly stubborn stains you may need to repeat this step more than once.


Step 4

Spray a light coating of your glass cleaner onto the table top and using the same cloth used in step three wipe the entire table top down.


Step 5

Dry off the table using your second clean micro fiber cloth.


Step 6 (optional)

For an additional sparkle take a few sheets of old newspaper (ensuring all staples have been removed) crumple them up and rub over the surface of the glass. This will remove any fluff left by the microfiber cloth and bring out the shine of your glass table.


*Note: Some Glass tables are available with surface finishes such as acid etching and sand blasting. These will require a little more work and step six should be omitted as using news print on a rough surface may result in the ink being transferred to the glass.


Following these steps will ensure that whatever style of glass table you have it will always look stunning.


Should you have any questions about how to clean a glass table or about glass furniture in general please do not hesitate to contact us.

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