Dining Room Tables – Our pick of the best

Glass Dining Room Tables – Our pick of the best

Your home dining space is not just a favourite place for friends and family to come together, but also a focal point in the home.

While wooden dining tables might be a good choice to add a rustic flair, a glass dining table might be just what you need to add the right kind of pop to your home. Whether your dining room is small or large, you are sure to find something delightful for your home here at Glassdomain thanks to the many shapes and sizes of glass dining room tables available.

Your choice of furniture can make all the difference to the feel of the room and nothing says “elegance” more than a glass dining table.

Below, we have put together a selection of our top 5 most popular dining room tables here at Glassdomain.

wood and glass tables


The Aikido glass dining table combines superb, quality materials and a beautifully original design to create a show stopping glass dining table.

This dining table base can be manufactured in luxurious polished chrome or a real wooden finish for those looking for a softer warmer feel in their homes. The wooden table base can be manufactured from solid Canelleto Walnut, Oak or Oak with a Wenge finish.

The dynamic leg arrangement provides a stylish and extremely stable table base for the toughened glass table top which is available in either a lacquered glass (in a range of colours) or extra clear glass (the clearest glass on the market).

The Aikido is definitely one of our most popular dining room tables.


dining room tables lambda


The elegant Lambda glass dining table is made up from a thick toughened glass table top which effortlessly integrates with a unique sculptural base. The glass table top is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any space.

The Lambda glass dining table has been inspired by the dynamics of a moving element. Its ribbon like form cuts through space, creating natural and soft shapes.

The table base is available in a modern material called ‘Cristalplant’, which is a combination of natural mineral and high purity polyester. This material is hypoallergenic, tough, eco-friendly, easy to clean and available in a solid white or black finish.

The Lambda glass dining table is now also available with a wooden table base, constructed from solid walnut or Ash.


dining room tables palace


This large glass dining room table is inspired by industrial architecture and simple lines which converge to create the elegant Palace Dining Table. The smooth glass supported on a T-shaped base of lacquered metal floats effortlessly. Include a dash of colour by choosing from a range of lacquered glasses for the table top, whilst maintaining the minimal feel created by the metal base.

This large glass dining room table is available in a rectangular shape. Whichever design you opt for, it will be the perfect addition to your home.

Customise your own Palace Rectangular Dining Table by choosing from a range of colours and bases for the ideal fit in your interior.



dining room tables toronto


The Toronto wooden dining table with glass top is a refined contemporary yet functional design. This large wooden framed glass dining table comes with a wide range of stunning coloured glass table tops.

The wooden dining table frame has been designed to appear visually light in appearance but is at the same time very strong. The wooden frame comes in either a caneletto walnut or oak stained wenge finish which will sit perfectly in any environment. The beautiful Toronto dining table has been built to last a life time.

This dining table is also available in a square shape. Please click the heading to view the Toronto dining table page with the range of different shapes and sizes available.



dining room tables crystal pure

Crystal Pure

This beautiful circular glass dining table has been designed with the golden rule that – form follows function firmly in mind. The curved supporting pedestal arcs away from the individual sitting at the table, maximising the available leg room. On top of this stunning glass support structure lies a circular glass top formed from the same glass as the base.

This circular glass dining table is available in different sizes and can be made to bespoke sizes to fit perfectly into your dining room.

The Crystal Pure is one of our signature dining tables manufactured here in the UK.



Should you have any questions regarding any of the above dining tables, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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