Exciting Ideas in Glass

Exciting ideas in glass

Glass has been manufactured in one way or another since 3500 BC!

The Romans were the first to realise the benefits of glass in windows , allowing natural light to penetrate dark rooms whilst keeping the weather at bay.

In more recent times, this amazing material has evolved and is now used in a whole variety of functional and decorative situations.

For example who would ever have thought that glass could be used to manufacture chairs! Take a look at FIAMS incredible and comfortable Ghost chair: – (Right)

Or the sumptuous Crystal Lounge sofa – the base and total substructure is manufactured from 15mm thick transparent glass : – (Below)

Glass can be utilized for furniture in so many unique and interesting ways. It can be patterned, coloured, textured, curved and shaped, the possibilities are endless.

Architecture has long been exploiting this fantastic material for both the interior and exterior elements of buildings. Glass can now even used to clad interior walls.



In the same way as those ancient dynasties we can now incorporate vibrant colours into our glass to make beautiful features ; this can be achieved by laminating coloured films between glass panels such as in this elegant glass side table by Glas Italia: –


Glass can also be lacquered to add bold colours to simple designs, a good example would be Sovet Italia’s Flute Dining Table – the pure white lacquered glass seen in this table would grace any room.


Another trend that is becoming more popular is the use of glass as a wall covering, this can be functional for example in a kitchen or bathroom environment. In this example Glassdomain have designed and prepared a printed stripe pattern on 6mm toughened glass to blend and compliment the new kitchen.


In the image to the right we can see printed ICON-Glass used in a bathroom installation. Unlike tiles this glass can be produced made to order in a single sheet eliminating of gaps, grooves and grouting associated with other forms of wall covering. Icon glass produces a hygienic easy clean solution for bathrooms.



There are also a variety of treatments that glass can undergo to redefine its function.

Just take a look at this unbelievable photo of the Lions enclosure at London Zoo.

In this instance renowned glass processor Romag have created a non reflective super strong laminated glass! The clarity is beyond compare and the strength goes without saying.

So that’s just a few of the incredible ideas you can use – when designing and fitting out properties of distinction. Glass will enhance any building or space you simply need to be creative.

We aim to publish more of these stunning ideas on how glass can create an eye catching visual impact when entering a space – stayed tuned.

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