Glass Office Furniture – Glass Furniture for your home and work office

Which type of glass should be used for office furniture?

Glass office furniture has become increasingly more popular in 2016 from the corporate boardroom through to the home office.

glass office furniture

This beautiful LLT design from FIAM features both office desks, console and relocatable pedestal.

The reasons for choosing glass are obvious, besides looking gorgeous glass has a pronounced effect on people’s attitudes, its ability to reflect light and seemingly increase the visible space in a room gives the user an uplifting experience.

It’s hard lustrous surface is also fully functional, it can be shaped to fit irregular rooms, drilled to accommodate cable management ports and incorporate base units as required.

The glass itself should be of a sufficient thickness to sustain typical office use and toughened to ensure integrity and safety. In most cases, a 12mm toughened glass would be considered the norm. However, a thicker glass such as 15mm or 19mm can be used if the aesthetics demand it.

Bespoke Office Furniture

For the truly discerning clients who require bespoke, unique designed office furniture, Glassdomain combine special glass finishes to produce stunning results such as can be seen in the photograph below –  in this instance a Classic desk has been created for the office at a renovated listed Manor House: –

This desk features a bonded 12mm toughened glass top sitting on a solid walnut pedestal fronted with special mica glass panels. This elegant desk sits perfectly in its sophisticated surroundings.

bespoke home office desk

For the following project, the challenge was not only to design a desk but also to create a feeling of opulence evident when entering the room.

This Classic desk variation by Glassdomain provided a fully functional unit whilst the ICON printed glass wall panels added the luxurious warmth of walnut burr creating the perfect ambience.


Glass can be used in so many ways as evidenced by the revolving lever arch file storage unit in the back ground.
You can even see a glimpse of the renowned Ghost chair By FIAM – the final touch in a unique setting.
The Classic glass desk comprises of a series of 12mm toughened glass sheets bonded together to form the base and to support the 12mm toughened glass top.


Boardroom Tables

Size is always a consideration when it comes to the boardroom desk!

Corporate clients who are fortunate to be housed in glass towers such as the Shard or the Gerkin demand something special, something unique.

To this end, Glassdomain have evolved their office furniture collection to include bespoke boardroom tables that can where required, blend in corporate colours and logos. Here’s an example of what can be achieved: –

large glass boardroom table

This unique boardroom table features an original wooden base designed to house any wiring connections which can be feed through the cable management sleeves in the toughened glass top

To summarise glass is the perfect partner for your office furniture, reflecting light, brightening the room and making small spaces seem so much larger.

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