What Glass Should be Used in a Glass Coffee Table?

What glass should be used in a glass coffee table?


The answer to this question really depends on the structure of the table – if you already have a table base and you simply want to replace the top then there is one simple rule – always ensure the replacement glass is toughened.

The thickness of glass you will need will depend upon the size and the way the glass is supported.

If this glass top is contained within a frame or is relatively small then a 6mm thickness would suffice, however make sure when purchasing that you ask for the edges to be polished and the corners to be dubbed or rounded off.

There are some other considerations you can make before dashing off to your glass merchant: –

  1. Standard glass commonly known as “float” glass has a green hue, more easily seen when looking at the edge which will be a dark bottle green. If you don’t like this green hue you can order what is called low iron glass or more commonly called “extra clear” – this has the iron content removed during manufacture resulting in a much “whiter” looking glass. If you look at the edge the colour is more of a turquoise blue than the standard dark green edge. So what’s the benefit of extra clear? If you have a beautiful rug below the table or the base is something special then using this low iron glass will allow much more clarity when viewing what’s underneath.

Find out more about these types of clear glass here.

low iron glass

  1. There’s also an opportunity to have a tinted glass still transparent but tinted. The most common shades are grey and bronze .
  1. You could also consider having the underside lacquered (painted). In this process the glass is made opaque by spraying the underside with a lacquer. The colour can be just about anything you want but you will need to specify the colour either by selecting from a website such as Icon-Glass or by quoting a colour reference such as RAL or Pantone

So you have quite a choice for a simple replacement if on the other hand you are looking at a new glass coffee table then there is a vast selection out there and its wise to make sure the company you are dealing with is a reputable company. Always best if they are experts in their field and not just a furniture retailer that’s sells glass coffee tables.

Once you have found your specialist glass table manufacturer check to see how long they have been in business and where they are based – a Google street search will tell you a lot about the business!

They will no doubt have a website where you can see the products on offer the rest is down to you.

If you can’t find what you want give them a call and talk it through – the real specialists will be able to advise and even discuss bespoke designs with you.


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