Glass Weight Calculator – How to Calculate the Weight of Glass

How to calculate the weight of glass

Here at Glassdomain we take into consideration the weight of glass with all of our standard and bespoke designs. Glass can be a surprisingly heavy material when used in large quantities so it is important to work out just how heavy your idea will be when fabricated in real life.

Calculating the weight of a section or sections of glass is relatively easy. In the most simple form you just have to follow the equation below.

Should you be looking a more complex design and want our help working through the weight please do not hesitate to contact us.


Glass Weight in KG = Area of glass M2 (Length x Width) x Thickness of the glass  x 2.5KG.

So for instance: Say you had a section of 12mm thick glass, 1700mm x 500mm the equasion would be as follows.

1.700 x 0.500 = 0.85

0.85 x 12 = 10.2

10.2 x 2.5 = 25.5

So your section of glass would weigh in at 25.5KGs.


Below is a handy list of glass thicknesses and their corresponding weights per M2.

4mm = 10KG

6mm = 15KG

10mm = 25KG

12mm = 30KG

15mm = 37.5KG

19mm = 47.5KG

25mm = 62.5KG

Remember these are for flat sections of solid glass, not shaped, lacquered, or laminated.




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