Incredible furniture designs with provenance

And now for something completely different!

Those of you old enough to remember will recognise this Monty Python strap-line. Well this was exactly the phrase that sprang to mind when I first saw these extraordinary furniture pieces. Each manufactured with loving care from a structure with heritage. Take for instance this glass table crafted from an original three bladed propeller last used on the Royal Air Force, De Haviland Devon aircraft, serial number XM223.

This unique piece of history sits on a highly polished metal base which has sympathetic styling.  This glass table would grace the boardroom of any great corporate company especially those associated with the aircraft industry.

furniture with provenance-5

Or how about a little something for petrol heads this glass table started life as part of Red Bulls F1 team! Designed by Jaguar the base for this glass table is formed from a carbon fibre and stainless gearbox casing from a Red Bull RB1 F1 racing car.

furniture with provenance-5

And just in case the rivals are reading this message – a glass table from the Williams stable!

Furniture with provenance-3

This monster of an exhaust consists of both the right and left hand bank bolted together rather than one sitting each side of the engine. With lots more exciting heritage items its well worth while considering something completely different!

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