Stay On Trend With Mirrored Furniture

Stay On Trend With Mirrored Furniture

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the biggest trend of all?

Here at Glassdomain, we like to keep you informed on what’s hot in home décor. We are currently focusing our attention on mirrored furniture which has been and will continue to be big throughout 2017.

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There is no doubt that mirrored furniture looks sensational in any room, in any home. It certainly adds a touch of class and helps these rooms to appear bigger by spreading light across the space.

As we are currently focusing on mirrored furniture, we have recently placed a stunning mirrored dining table in our showroom. The product is the ‘PRISM Mirrored Dining Table’, manufactured by Glas Italia. The PRISM mirror table is formed from transparent extra-light 12mm thick silver plated glass. Thanks to the reflections of the mirror and to the special grinding and bevelling of the glass edges, the table acquires a precious brilliance and shine. The bases are fixed to the top by means of metal plates and screws. As this mirrored table is entirely reflective, it is perfect for smaller spaces where light is of the most concern. The dimensions of the PRISM table in our showroom are: 2000mm x 900mm x 730mm H.

As well as this table being displayed in our showroom, it will also be featured in the July edition of ‘Wallpaper Magazine’ available towards the middle of June. Please take a look at some of the images of the PRISM mirror table in our showroom below.

mirrored furnituremirrored furniture close up
mirrored furniture prism

Large Silver Mirror

If you are considering adding an element of elegance and aiming for an undeniably gorgeous look, then mirrored furniture can certainly be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

However, with furniture this refined, it is important to keep it looking at its best.

Glassdomain recommends using no more than one or two pieces of mirrored furniture in each room. This way the mirrored furniture will attract the attention it deserves without seeming overbearing. Mirrored furniture can make any room appear more spacious, therefore it is vital that the pieces are placed in a position where they can reflect natural or artificial light.

As mentioned above, mirrored furniture looks at its best when it is sparkling clean. Here are a few top tips to keep all your mirrored furniture in tip top condition.

Make sure that you regularly dust your mirrored furniture with a soft micro-fibre cloth to prevent dust build-up and maintain that gleaming reflection.

Avoid dragging items across the mirrored surface as it may leave scrapes and scratches.

Once clean, inspect the mirrored surface from various angles so that the light can shine on any smudges you may have missed.

For further tips on how to clean glass furniture in general.


glass poseur table

Mirrored furniture can come in an array of shapes and sizes. Common Mirrored furniture items include:

Cabinets  |  Chests  |  Changing tables  |  Coffee tables  |  Console tables  |  Desks  |  Dining tables  |  Dressers  |  Mirrors | Night/end tables  |  Storage furniture

Mirrored bedroom furniture
Probably the most popular room in your home in which to feature mirrored furniture is the bedroom. Mirrored furniture sets are perfect for embellishing your room and adding that important glamorous feel. Your bedroom is a place to relax, a safe haven for you to get a good night’s sleep therefore it is essential to create a peaceful ambience. Adding key pieces of mirrored furniture can help create this elegant, tranquil feel.

Mirrored furniture in your living room
The living room is where you spend most of your time. It is essential therefore to make sure that this is a relaxing space whilst at the same time ensuring that it looks fabulous and impresses your guests and visitors. Key mirrored furniture pieces such as sideboards or coffee tables will look great in your living room.


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