Molteni&C Fabric & Leather Collection




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The canvases chosen by Molteni&C for its collection are created with twisted high-resistance threads. The fiber’s extremely compact, resulting in excellent performance through time. Its fade quality is guaranteed by the use of high resistance dyes.


Wallance | Wonder | Wing

Chenille is a long-standing fabric. Created with a special weave, it is reminiscent of velvet, but unlike velvet, it is worked on conventional loom pieces. To make sure it is strong, it is necessary to tie the threads as tightly as possible. The chenilles selected by Molteni&C for their series are of the highest quality possible, obtained using the most modern manufacturing and processing technology.



Linen is one of the most ancient and noble fibres used by man in clothes and furniture. This fabric provides sober, modern fabrics which are, at the same time, antique. Its resilience over time is one of its core characteristics. Linen becomes elegant as it takes on the unique “crumpled” look that gives it a nonchalant impression of being “lived.”

The Frammenti collection is distinguished by harmony inspired by Nature combining earthy tones with various shades of green. Once again Marta Ferri projects her fresh and dynamic vision to the world of furnishings.

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