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Cane-Line Ceramic Table Maintenance & Care

These tabletops are made of ceramic – an incredibly durable material that is suitable all year round for outdoor use. The colour shades may differ from table to table since the tabletop is constructed from a natural material. Handling With Care Once the wrapping has been removed, it is important to treat your tabletop with caution and prevent placing it down hard or putting pressure on the edges. After the wrapping has been removed, ceramic... Read More


Furniture In Time For Christmas Shopping

Give your home a makeover in time for Christmas. With our extensive range of sofas, beds, dining sets, and gifts. Here are to the most wonderful time of the year. Bonaldo – Big Dining Table Big Table has become the icon of the Bonaldo style. Fixed dining table with a “big personality”. Legs made of laser-cut steel painted matt in different colour combinations. The tabletop is available in variants of walnut wood, oak wood, glass,... Read More


Dining Table Size, Shape & Seating Capacity Guide

Dining Table Shape For Space There are diverse shapes of dining tables on the market. These shapes range from round, rectangle, oval, square, and extendable. Each individual shape has its own way of providing comfort and amplifying the interior space. Discover the advantage of choosing one shape over another and the effect of the shape on the size of a room. Rectangular Dining Table Most houses have dining rooms in a rectangular shape. It makes... Read More


How to clean a glass dining table – streak free?

The glass tables are a versatile furniture piece and practical addition to any dining room. However, the drawback of having a glass dining table is that it attracts fingerprint smudges and marks so, frequent cleaning is required. Here is a quick guide using a home remedy solution to clean the glass table for the best result. Here are the things needed for cleaning. Newspapers Soft-Lint Free Cloths – Microfiber Plastic card or scraper Water –... Read More


What is Pendant Lighting?

A light fixture that mounts to the ceiling, usually suspended by a cord or rod or chains is called a pendant lighting. In other terms, the pendant lights are also known as a hanging, drop, or suspender light. How Pendant Lighting Are Used? Pendant lights have become one of the most popular lighting components in the contemporary interior space. It is very versatile and acknowledged to being used in many ways in the room for... Read More