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Prism Mirror Table

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka is to reveal his new Prism table designed for Glass Italia this April. Produced from mirrored glass the edges of each panel are cut to produce full spectrum prisms caused by light reflecting up from the mirror and through the edge of the glass. This product continues Yoshioka’s on going fascination with light and absences of form in furniture. Image-Ref-  

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Featured Design Rialto – isola Glass Desk

This Weeks featured product us the beautifully design and made Rialto Isola Glass Desk. Made from luxuriously thick 15mm glass, this glass desk has been designed using the latest production and craft techniques. This desks multi layered work top provides the perfect home office environment. 15mm glass and sleek aluminium supports combine to form this exquisite desk. As with all FIAM glass furniture this glass table is a real collector’s piece to love, enjoy and cherish over a lifetime. This Rialto Desk desk is part of range called Rialto all... Read More


Soho Glass Office by Aim Architecture

Completed in September 2013 by AIM Architecture practice for Soho China. The office space is created using a series of glass panels as partitions to separate space whilst offering the users a view over the entire floor space. The ceiling and floor are also created using glass cladding which in turn exposes otherwise hidden building services. What do you think of this space? Could you work in this space? Image ref:

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Danny Lane – Sculpture inspired Glass Furniture

At Glassdomain, whilst we specialise in glass furniture, we admire all things glass. Danny Lane is a designer who’s work we love, ranging from huge glass sculpture installations, through to exquisite and very exclusive glass furniture. Lane’s work combines a monumental, and at times brutal, physicality; stacked and fractured glass, twisted or rusted steel, with his strong belief in the metaphysical and transcendental qualities of art. His London studio is equipped to create works of considerable scale, in glass, and in steel. Glass furnaces will now enable Lane to create works... Read More

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Bespoke Glass Side Tables for Tune holels

We have recently been busy processing a large order for curved glass side tables, which are to be used in new Tune Hotels across the country. The first batch of tables have been placed in rooms at the Tune Hotel Liverpool Street, London. Our Curved Glass Side Tables are now in rooms at Tune Hotel Liverpool Street, London. View our full range of UV bonded glass side tables. Remember we don’t mind if you are after 1 or 100, just let us know what you are after and our design... Read More