Types of Pendant Lights For Kitchen

Finding the right style of pendant lights is curtail to enhance your kitchen. Installing the wrong style of pendant lighting can offset the appearance of your interior. With many types and styles of hanging lights to fit your kitchen, you are sure to get exactly what you need for your space.

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Track Lights

A hanging light fixture attached to a “track” and mounted to the ceiling. The lights can move along the track, providing versatile task lighting. Track pendant lights are a great option for the above kitchen bars and islands. Track lights allow you to be in control and be creative with the distribution of light.

Glass Pendant Lights

A hanging light that has a glass enclosure around the bulb. The glass pendant lights provide an artistic feel to your space and it is a great option for supplying ambient lighting in the kitchen. Glass pendant chandeliers range from elegant and traditional to sleek modern designs.

Drum Pendant Lights

The drum pendant has a short cylinder shape of glass, fabric, or stainless steel as a shade. It is suitable for different contemporary or transitional settings. The drum pendant lights are generally used to provide ambient lighting for dining rooms and kitchens. Drum pendant lights come in range in style from traditional to contemporary.

Multiple Pendant Lights

A Multiple Pendant Lights has a light fixture of more than one pendant. It is often called as pendant chandeliers. Typically, they are available in 2, 3, or 5 pendant lights. This diverse category of pendant lights offers a focal point to the room.

Cone Pendant Lights

Single or multi-light pendant light fixtures have a “cone-shaped” shade. The shades come in a variety of materials such as blown glass, metal, crystal art, and more. Cone pendant lights come in traditional and contemporary designs. The light often used to provide task or ambient lighting for the kitchen.

Cylinder Pendant Lights

Hanging lights that add modern sophistication to any kitchen island or sitting space. Cylinder pendant light fixtures come in metal, glass, and more.

Linear Pendant Lights

The linear pendant light features either a multi-light arrangement or a single long pendant light. The light fixture has equal space between each light. Linear Pendant Lighting is a great option for adding primary lighting in the kitchen.

Teardrop Pendant Lights

These hanging lights feature an enclosure similar shape to a drop of water. It is a sleek, modern addition to the lighting of any kitchen or dining space. Teardrop pendants are available in an array of materials and finishes to match any space. It offers great task lighting above the kitchen island.

Globe Pendant Lights

Globe pendant lights provide soft light for kitchens or dining areas. They feature a circular enclosure that entirely surrounds the light bulb creating softer light. Globe pendant lights are typically made from glass and are suitable for traditional and contemporary spaces.

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