QLOCKTWO is a forward-thinking and award-winning brand that manufactures high-quality wrist watches and touch clocks. All QLOCKTWO clocks and watches are handcrafted by Biegert & Funk in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a small and scenic town in Germany. Every QLOCKTWO is built on a matrix of 110 seemingly random characters. Individual letters are highlighted to form words that describe a time in 5 minute intervals. The minutes are represented by four dots that light up in the corners. QLOCKTWO is available in six distinct versions in a variety of colours and materials.

QLOCKTWO has been made by hand to individual order at the factory in Schwabisch Gmund since 2009 – quality Made in Germany.


The QLOCKTWO clocks are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a small table alarm clock to a large art piece 180cm. It is available in collection of finish in metal and acrylic glass material.

The 45x45cm QLOCKTWO CLASSIC is very flexible. It can be hung on the wall like a painting or put up free-standing with an acrylic base.

The QLOCKTWO 180 is an essential design component for big areas. Its 180 x 180 cm size makes it the focal focus of any room.

QLOCKTWO LARGE with an eye-catching QLOCKTWO LARGE in 90 x 90 cm with an eye-catching front cover. Its striking look adds a modern touch to any space.

The time is also displayed in words on the table clock. The QLOCKTWO TOUCH is a popular design product due to its compact size and simple function. 13.5 x 13.5 cm in size.

At the push of the button: display of time, seconds, calendar day, and battery level indicator.
Special developed movement with 114 illuminated points. Waterproofing – tested up to 5 ATM. Available in more than 20 languages.

Its Unique Functions

QLOCKTWO displays time typographically in combination with four illuminated dots. The introductory words “IT IS” can either be displayed permanently or only on the hour and on the half-hour. AT 7:18 the display looks as follows:

The LED’s brightness automatically adjusts to the surrounding light. You can also set the level of brightness manually.
The time can be set manually with the following buttons:
60=1-hours steps
5=5-minute steps
1=1-minute steps


Every front cover of a QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION is further enhanced by means of an elaborate craft production process and individually numbered. This makes each piece unique and sets a very individual accent.

Each of the front covers of QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION RUST is made of raw steel which is rusted by hand in a complex procedure. The surface is fixed. Each of these unique pieces is signed and individually numbered using laser engraving.

The stainless steel surface of the QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION GOLD is covered with gold leaves by hand. Edge by edge every cut-out letter is finished carefully, giving the front cover the typical gold leaf structure and ensuring a truly royal appearance.

The precision of laser cutting is fused with the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship.

The QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION RAW IRON made of raw steel adds a bit of rock ‘n’ roll to your house. Every front cover is one of a kind. Its colour varies from deep black to blue and anthracite. The varying colours of the material are the result of the thermal processing of the surface.

With its painted copper finish, the QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION VINTAGE COPPER becomes a special eye-catcher by showing a lively and unique surface in blue-green shades which makes you think of an underwater world.

The individual leaves of white gold (12 carat) of the QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION SILVER & GOLD are carefully applied by hand and further refined in an elobrate patination process. The oxidised silver creates an uneven patina which is fixed once the desired colouring is achieved and provides this unique piece with its random surface structure that is truly one of a kind. Depending on the perspective and lighting conditions, the front unfolds its warm, shimmering golden charm resembling ancient artefacts.

The front cover of the QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION METAMORPHITE fascinates with its surface made from slate which is millions of years old. The unique, typical structure of the sedimentary rock creates an interesting interplay of colours with different shades of grey.


In the factory setting “IT IS” is only displayed every full and half hour on the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, QLOCKTWO TOUCH, QLOCKTWO LARGE, and QLOCKTWO 180. Press the button “60” for approximately 3 seconds to activate these introductory words permanently.

Screw-in fixing bolt – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC assembly – The fixing bolt is to be tightened by hand only. The screw fits securely if you feel a resistance without using force. It is now secure to hang the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC on the already mounted wall frame.

Display another language – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC/TOUCH – Every QLOCKTWO CLASSIC and QLOCKTWO TOUCH front cover is secured by magnets. It can easily and conveniently be exchanged with other colour or language options without any tools.

  1. Carefully remove the front cover by pulling it away from the body
  2. Remove the protective film on the front of the new cover by placing it on a clean, even surface and slowly pulling off the film, starting at one corner. Do not bend the front cover. Removing the protective film only applies to the acrylic glass models.
  3. Then place the front cover onto the body.

Power supply or battery operation – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC/TOUCH/LARGE/180 – Despite their low energy requirement, QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, QLOCKTWO TOUCH, QLOCKTWO LARGE, and QLOCKTWO180 need a conventional connection for power supply. You also have the possibility to connect QLOCKTWO CLASSIC and QLOCKTWO LARGE directly to a wall power outlet or to operate it with the visible cable connected to a socket. A white cable is provided with every product.

For QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, we also textile cables in various colour. Furthermore, you can set up your QLOCKTWO CLASSIC as a standing version. Please use the provided acrylic glass base.

My clock does not display any reasonable words – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC/TOUCH/LARGE/180 – Ensure that the front cover is positioned on the body in the right direction. Check the language settings and/ or reset the language.

Interruption of power supply – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC/TOUCH/LAREG/180 – They are equipped with an internal power reserve and automatically resume operations after a power outage of up to 24 hours. All settings are retained.


Readability in sunlight – The fact that QLOCKTWO W is more difficult to read in bright daylight is due to the nature of LED watches. On a sunny day, the outdoor brightness is 100,000 lux, which is a thousand times lighter than in a lit interior. Since battery-powered LEDs operate in the same light spectrum as sunlight, it is technically difficult to ensure proper display of light in such. In case of very bright daylight, we recommend covering the display with the hand while reading the time. If the luminosity of your watch still seems particularly low, we would be happy to analyze your watch in our manufactory.

Battery – QLOCKTWO W is equipped with a commercial battery type CR2032 [QLOCKTWO W35]/ type CR2430 [QLOCKTWO W39], button cell 3V . A battery change can easily be done by any jeweler/watchmaker.

Waterproof – The QLOCKTWO W is water proof tested to 5 ATM. We still recommended taking off QLOCK TWO W while showering.

Nickel content – Case and buckle of QLOCKTWO W are made of high quality, low-nickel surgical steel. This stainless steel type does not release nickel salts on the skin, therefore it is also possible to wear QLOCKTWO W as an allergy sufferer. In case of a particularly strong allergy, however, you should basically rely on watches whose components are made of completely nickel-free material.

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