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Always on standby, side tables and nests of tables are what piles of books, glasses of wine, and smart little lamps are made for. You can place them in your living room or bedroom depending on your needs. Glassdomain offers an extensive collection of side tables in a variety of styles, designs and colour at unbeatable prices.

Displayed below are 4 of our most popular side tables. You can also view our entire range of side tables.

magique glass furniture


The design of this FIAM Magique coffee table gives the appearance of weightlessness to the central storage compartment.

The glass coffee table design is defined through its carefully considered proportions and minimalist use of material. This FIAM glass table is a real collector’s piece to love, enjoy and cherish over a lifetime.

The Magique is available in 4 unique finishes that will suit any home or office.




Zeta Glass Furniture


Zeta coffee table with magazine rack, this coffee table is ingeniously designed. Able to function as a side table or coffee table depending on the direction the Zeta is mounted. Pureness  of form and minimalism are the reading keys of this object that joins simplicity and functionality.

Fabricated from a single sheet of glass, artfully cut and shaped by the glass masters ‘Sovet’ in Italy. An accessory that serves as a magazine rack and as a practical coffee table or side table at the same time. This coffee table with magazine rack is available in transparent extra clear glass or transparent smoked glass.



crystal side tables


This contemporary glass table is a useful addition to any room. it can be used as either a bedside table or a sofa side table. A refined elegant glass table this piece is functional as well as beautifully modern. The design incorporates a glass shelf which appears to float effortlessly within the table and offering additional storage space.

The Crystal can also come in bespoke sizes to fit perfectly in your home, which can also come with or without a shelf.




ARC Table


The Greenapple Arc Lamp table has a gently curved cuboid form produced from 12mm transparent glass finished with polished Edges. This table exemplifies simplicity of form and its carefully considered proportions deliver a highly functional minimalistic design.

The Arc is made from a single sheet of clear glass which is curved and shaped into a unique and multi functional side table.

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