Spring / Summer Interior Design Trends 2018

Spring / Summer Interior Design Trends 2018

When it comes to home decor, 2017 was the year of variety from painting walls with dark, moody hues and pairing blush pink shades with greenery, to incorporating exotic, jungle-inspired decor and updating the Scandi trend. As 2018 is now in full flow, we round up a few of our favorite decor ideas to refresh your home this year.

interior design trends 2018 rich pigments

Rich pigments

Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many interiors, but colour is set to be bolder this year. We’re feeling braver with colour choices – on both walls and furniture pieces, as sofa colour choices of late have demonstrated. Moody interiors are more popular than ever, too, with violet, navy and striking emerald green all key colours for 2018.

The rich new shades that make up the spring/summer palette are all beautifully enhanced further on furniture pieces in luscious velvet!

Below are some of our recommended products for this interior design category.



Fabric Pouf Interior Design Trends 2018

Fabric Pouf / Coffee Table

  • Available in an array of shapes.
  • Ideal for the centre of a room or next to the sofa.
  • Can be used as additional seating or a decorative element.







Rich Pigments Products - Interior Design Trends 2018

Colour Shifting Glass Table

  • The Shimmer Table is characterised by its special iridescent multi coloured glass.
  • The colour varies according to the angle of the light and the vantage point of the viewer, shimmering from red to green through a range of other hues.







interior design trends 2018 greenery


Whilst green has always been a popular colour for home interiors, Greenery seems to echo the trend towards bringing the outdoors indoors.

Green is a colour that symbolises regrowth and new beginnings, so what better colour to introduce into a new home or redecorated room? During the summer, it will blur the lines between your outdoor and indoor living spaces, and in the winter months, it will bring a touch of cheerfulness and bright colouring, great when the days are grey and dull.

Below are some of our recommended products for this interior design category.


Washable Wallpaper - Interior Design Trends 2018

Washable Wallpaper

  • Any design can be printed to suit your interior.
  • Images can be printed on three supports: wallpaper, cover and fyber glass.







Greenery Products - Interior Design Trends 2018

Totem Dining Table

  • Metal ‘drum base’ offers stability and leg room.
  • Table is versatile enough to work in a large number of locations.
  • Both the glass table top and the table base can be made in a range of finishes ensuring you have the perfect table for your setting.







interior design trends 2018 geometrics


In the world of interior design, geometric patterns are becoming increasing popular. The real reason is that geometric theme is really versatile, a timeless and elegant decor that may be used in many different interior style. If you’re looking to redesign the rooms of your home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy into this trend.

Although we did see Geometrics in 2017, it was mainly on cushions and rugs. This year it’s all about tiles, wallpaper and art.

Below are some of our recommended products for this interior design category.


Adhesive Washable Wallpaper - Interior Design Trends 2018

Adhesive Washable Wallpaper

  • The fiberglass wallpapers are easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • The material can be washed with soap and water using a soft cloth.







Geometrics - Interior Design Trends 2018

Geometric Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper with a strong defined geometric structure which generates a 3D effect
  • The floral element at the background provides a subtle bond between masculine and feminine.








interior design trends 2018 dark

Style it Dark

Atmospheric dark shades are here to stay for Spring/Summer with colours ranging from sumptuous dark greys to rich jewel tones.

Dark interiors just look and feel more interesting, and wrap you up in sophistication. Many people worry that dark colours may appear depressing – however they can be calming, super-relaxing and make you feel snuggled and cocooned.

What’s more, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found for anyone considering this look, both online and on the high street.

Below are some of our recommended products for this interior design category.



Black Kitchen Worktop - Interior Design Trends 2018

Black Kitchen Worktop

  • Kitchen worktop made up from 93% natural quartz making it exceptionally hard and resilient.
  • Cutting edge design makes it perfect for any interior.







Wall Mounted Clocks - Interior Design Trends 2018

Wall Mounted Clock

  • Wall clock in black lacquer and copper details.
  • Made from wood.
  • Suitable for decorating any home or office space, since it gives a sophisticated design edge.







interior design trends 2018 indigo

Indigo Blues

As an antidote to the pastel tones, another colour trend is indigo blues. With the psychological power of this deep, dark colour it has to be harnessed and used carefully around the home. There are many variations of indigo and when considering interior design it is important to strike the perfect balance. Using the colour in combination with other complementary colours create a way to express your personality without being too overwhelming.

By using indigo in array of different shapes in a mixture of styles, and varying the heights and widths, it can create an interesting display.

Below are some of our recommended products for this interior design category.


Velvet Armchair - Interior Design Trends 2018

Velvet Armchair

  • Blue velvet armchair with armrests.
  • The subtle indigo tones make it easy for it to fit into any environment.
  • Wooden lacquered armrests.







Plywood Desk - Interior Design Trends 2018

Plywood Desk

  • Functional and discreet, this wall desk makes the perfect seated or standing workstation.
  • When the work is done, simply fold it away – this wall desk leaves no space for unfinished work!
  • Can be placed anywhere in your room and then wall mounted.


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