Where to buy a glass table top?

Where to buy a glass table top?

As we all know a lot of time spent relaxing, watching films, listening to music and talking to friends happens in the living room. This room is an integral part of every day life and it’s furnishings should reflect that. A high-quality glass top on your coffee table or side table is the perfect way to protect the table top without losing any of the pieces beauty. Below we have put together a handy list to ensure you find the perfect glass table top for your furniture.

Before trolling the internet for a place to buy your new glass top you need to establish a few criteria before making your request.


Where to buy a glass table top and what to look for?

1. You should always use toughened safety glass. All safety glass should be readily identifiable by a permanent marking on the face or edge of the glass. This marking will state the BS EN standard number, this should read “BS EN 12150”.

2. Always quote the thickness of the glass required, for smaller sizes a 6mm thickness is sufficient but for larger sizes you may require a 10mm or 12mm thickness. While these thicknesses of glass are structurally perfect for use in all table tops, thicker glass options are available and can be considered from a purely aesthetic point. These thicker glasses come in 15mm, 19mm and occasionally 25mm, although it is worth noting 25mm glass is quite hard to find and vary rarely used.

NOTE: the thicker the glass the heavier it will be.

3. Ensure that you tell the supplier that you require all edges to be polished and the corners dubbed if a radius corner is not required.

toughened glass mark BS EN 12150

A standard polished edge is known as a flat edge and arris profile. If you really wanted to push the boat out you can specify various other edge finishes such as a pencil round or waterfall edge although you may have some difficulty in finding companies that can produce this finish.


Glass Swatches

4. You will also need to decide on the type of glass you want. Standard glass sometimes known as Float glass has a green tinge most noticeable when looking at the edge of the glass which appears a dark bottle green. The thicker the glass the more noticeable the green hue becomes.
There is an alternative to standard glass which is known as Low Iron or Extra Clear glass – this is much lighter in colour and the edge has a more pale turquoise colour. If required translucent tinted glasses of all colours are available as well an opaque coloured, lacquered glasses.

 5.  You should know everything necessary to contact your local glass merchant, confident you are buying the correct product. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

As the UK’s leading glass furniture specialists, we are happy to help out with any quires you may have.

6. If you want to doubly sure that you are buying from a reputable company check them out on street view – if they look the part give them a call.

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