Wood and Glass Dining Tables

Wood and Glass Dining Tables

Our range of wood and glass dining tables showcases the beauty found in combining these two equally wonderful materials. Here at Glassdomain, as you may have guessed, we are experts in all things glass, however, we also understand the natural, organic beauty found in wood. This collection of tables all unites this natural beauty found in wood with the clean modern design intrinsic to glass furniture. Bringing glass and wood together in one dining table gives you the best of both worlds.

Listed below are 5 of our unique wood and glass tables which use the highest quality materials to offer you a truly luxurious dining table solution for your home.

Wood and Glass Dining Tables


The elegant Lambda glass dining table is made up from a thick toughened glass table top which is effortlessly integrated with a unique sculptural base. The glass table top is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any space.

The Lambda glass dining table has been inspired by the dynamics of a moving element. Its ribbon like form cuts through space, creating natural and soft shapes.

The table base is available in either a modern material called ‘Cristalplant’. Made from a combination of natural minerals and high purity polyester, this material is hypoallergenic, tough, eco-friendly, easy to clean and available in a solid white or black finish.

The Lambda glass dining table is now also available with a wooden table base, constructed from solid walnut or Ash.

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The Autoreggente wood and glass table possesses a unique and eye-catching form. The solid wood frame is composed of L-shaped struts that lean against each other in a structure that talks of movement power and strength. This robust wooden design is topped with a glass slab formed from 12mm thick tempered glass.

This wood and glass dining table is available with legs/frame in solid walnut or stained natural beech (mocha or white). The legs are free-standing and fit together creating a solid support frame for the glass top.




wood and glass tables


Made in Italy and designed by Steven Holl, the Riddled Walnut Glass Dining Table has an organic and yet precise quality, seamlessly incorporating natural and man-made shapes to form this stunning dining table. Steven Holl, utilities the same clean lines and partitions that are typical of his work as well as introducing the more unique elements seen in this dining table.
The base of the Riddled walnut glass dining table is constructed from different materials that are integrated and combined to form a complex purpose built laminate finished with a layer of walnut vernier. This laminate allows for maximum strength and rigidity even when the structure is riddled with a network of holes. The optional lighting system, hidden inside each table base project light out through the pattern of holes when lit. This light cascades through the table base and projects beautiful abstracted shadows onto the floor and walls the room, transforming the entire space in an instant.



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The Aikido glass dining table combines superb, quality materials and a beautifully original design to create a show stopping glass dining table.

The dining table base can be manufactured in luxurious polished chrome. Alternatively this glass dining table can be produced with a real wood finish for a softer warmer feel. the wooden table base can be finished in either Walnut, Oak or Oak with a Wenge finish.

The dynamic leg arrangement provides a stylish and extremely stable table base for the toughened glass table top. The toughened glass table top is available in either lacquered glass (in a range of colours)  or extra clear glass (the clearest glass on the market).



wood and glass tables


The stunning Plie dining table consists of two 12mm shaped and curved glass bases, available in smoked or extra-light glass. The top is also available in extra-light glass or can come in veneered wood with a heat-treated oak or an elm finish. The top can come in wood hand-finished with Ecomalta for a textured effect. The unique Plie dining table uses wood and glass to create the perfect harmony which is ideal for any modern interior.

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