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Buster and Punch is a premium brand dealing with door knobs, furniture and light accessories. So, you have no reason to have unmatching accessories at home; Buster and Punch brings it all to you as you want them. The brand focuses on premium furniture and door lock innovations with guaranteed durability. So, in a way, you wouldn’t mind buying classy furniture because you’ll be assured of their security. Additionally, with the furniture comes key lighting accessories that complement the entire outlook in your house.

You can have door knobs for any room in the house, including the main entrance, so if anything, you have all it takes for a secure house. The good news is that it’s also possible to get your most preferred knobs since they are all manufactured according to different security levels for your household. These are also available in different sizes and designs, all meant to portray a specific aesthetic theme around.

The light accessories are easy to install, as they come with manual instructions for installation in different outlets. However, for the light fixtures and accessories, if you are unsure about how to install them, it is best to have a professional expert do the installation for you. So, whether you need this as a surprise gift for your loved ones, Glass Domain has varieties in stock; just to ensure you have something pleasing and appealing to you.

Benefits of Buying from Buster & Punch

Apart from the aesthetically beautiful furniture and light glowing accessories, the company aims at ensuring your satisfaction as their customer. So you have every reason to enjoy the products from them. If you, however, are still unsure of whether to settle for these products, here are the benefits you get from using them:

Quality products

Quality is one of the key features of the Buster & Punch firm since their main aim is to ensure your satisfaction. This means you'll receive lasting door knobs, furniture and light accessories with guaranteed durability without sacrificing their beauty.


You can buy from different companies, but the Busters base their inventions on creativity and innovations. This is in the form of the style and designs of the products. As a result, you are assured of outstanding products with great attention to detail.

Environment Sustainability

Using evergreen products is becoming the norm all over the world. So, for Buster & Punch using recycled materials in their manufacturing has become a socially responsible trend to them. These practices ensure you are using a recyclable product and one that is harmless to the environment.

Added Value

Other than the satisfaction of having a product from this firm, you are also assured of a future investment if you are looking forward to selling or leasing your home. The various furniture, light fixtures, and superior-quality door knobs are an added value to your property. This is definitely guaranteed satisfaction on your purchase.

Aesthetic Value

Each of these products bought from Buster and Punch has an elegance value boosted on your home. Their stylish designs give you a new look every time you are home, right from the doorstep to your inner rooms. The lighting fixtures are also very useful if you need extra seasonal illumination in your home.

A Wide Collection of Buster and Punch Products

We at Glass Domain stock various product options from Buster & Punch in different shapes and sizes. We are also considerate of the fact that you'll need these products to match different settings around your home, and so we have in place all categories from sleek and modern to rustic designs that meet your needs.

Our designers are also considerate of different colour shades that won't colour clash with any outlooks. So, if you need something unique for your home or office, we at Glass Domain have it all for you. Additionally, we are not only considerate of their aesthetic appeal but also confident of each product's high standard quality with great attention to detail.

Some of the different Buster and Punch products you can find in our store include:

3 pin Dual USB port charger sockets

These sockets are very impressive and very practical in their functionality. You can plug in multiple devices from two-pin to three-pin chargers simultaneously. They also meet all international electric regulations, so you are assured of your safety when using the sockets.

Dimmer module Switches

We have uniquely styled dimmer switches in different colour coats and various material options. You will definitely have something that matches your needs perfectly, making your home more beautiful and stylish.

Thumbturn Door lock

If you need door knobs, the thumbturn lock is the best you can have for large or small security doors. Whether for your office doors or bedrooms and main doors, it’s very easy to fling open single-handedly and also comes in various sizes and configurations.

Meshed Planter Side Table

This powder-coated stainless steel planter table is the best for all your patio and outdoor needs. We also have various selections of the same in different colours and sizes, so there's something that matches any setting you need.

What to Look for in the Best Buster & Punch Products

The fact that there are various product collections from the company in our store can almost make it hard to choose a specific design. Here are some tips to guide your choice:

Think about your needs

Whether it's a light fixture or a door knob, you need to figure out its point of usage and easy accessibility for everyone who needs it. This will make it easier for you to choose the most appealing to your taste and style and settle for a practically functional product.

Consider the maintenance requirement

It's one thing to have a specific product and another to maintain it. Therefore, you need to figure out how durable the products are and whether you need frequent repairs and maintenance. Advisably, it is best to settle for a product with minimal maintenance needs.