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Local Apartment in Jewellery Quarter – Bespoke Bar

Date: March 21, 2017 Category:

We were initially contacted by a local resident in this luxurious apartment in the Jewellery Quarter – Birmingham, who requested our services on a particular project he had in mind that needed our help and expertise. The project our client had in mind was to create a bar for his apartment so that he could entertain his family and friends when hosting parties and gatherings.

Our client was keen on the idea of using the engine housing from a Boeing 747 Aircraft as the base, finished off with an arched piece of glass which would sit on top. This piece was created in collaboration with the German design team, responsible for the engine housing. We came up with many different ideas on how to shape the glass so that it would marry up with the base. After a design was signed off by our client, the team worked on the base for around 2 months where it was shaped, polished and perfected using first class tools and equipment. The bespoke arched piece of glass for the top of the bar covers an area of 3 metres by 1.55 metres. The architectural glass design featured 12mm toughened, standard clear glass which was then fixed on top of the base with metal supports to add strength and stability to the overall model. By combining the polished metal base with the standard clear glass, the bar was completed with an amazing sleek and sophisticated look. 

This design was based purely on what our client required. If you are interested in having a bespoke piece of furniture made, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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