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Client: Ralph Capper Date: October 27, 2017 Category:
IGlassdomain were approached by leading Manchester based design consultancy Ralph Capper to work with them on the blueprint for a table that would take centre stage in the new East Wing grade A hospitality boxes at Old Trafford.
The idea in principal was to reflect the Man Utd image in the product. So the colour red featured prominently in the process.
Other considerations were the number of places that needed to be set on the tables and the need to consider the legroom required below the top.
The size was calculated at 1800 x 900 and with careful consideration for the above the Elements table base was put forward as being the ideal solution.
A preliminary drawing was produced showing the lay out of the two circular stainless steel bases required to adequately support the top. Once agreed the process moved on to consider the best solution for the table surface.
The favoured material was 10mm toughened low iron glass. This material allows any colour applied underneath to show through without being affected by the inherent body tint of normal glass.
In addition to make the tables unique and personal to the United brand their crest was incorporated as a centre piece.
The result was stunning a red table for the Reds, reflecting their corporate image and allowing their affluent guests to relax in comfort whilst being subconsciously reminded of their guests staus as one of the world’s most famous and wealthy football clubs.

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