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Client: Private Client Date: February 27, 2015 Category:
Having attempted to find their ideal dining table and having discussed the project with several leading furniture designers this client turned to Glassdomain for help.
Amongst a number of other items they wanted a 4.2mt table capable of seating twelve people comfortably whilst forming the centre piece of their new dining room.
Having given careful consideration to the proposed colour scheme including the soft furnishings the Lambda table was recommended. The sweeping curves of the Lambda base units manufactured from solid walnut blended in beautifully with the interior design. The toughened glass top weighing over 180 kilograms presented some logistical issues all of which had to be overcome.
Strategically placed under a magnificent chandelier the table sparkles with life ably supported on the two walnut bases.
In addition the client also required a fully functional sideboard which was designed and manufactured to the clients specification and clad in coloured glass to reflect the other colours in the room. By building a clever clear glass base the sideboard appears to float above the floor.
A tall, matching, functional display cabinet was also designed and delivered to house the client’s crystal glass collection.
The client was so pleased with the overall results that a matching smaller circular Lambda table was ordered for the library and a more functional white coloured table was ordered for the kitchen.
Combining their experience and design capabilities Glassdomain once again triumphed and provided the client with exactly what they wanted.

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