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Wembley Stadium

Client: Wembley Stadium Date: July 19, 2017 Category:
IGlassdomain were approached by leading designer Lee Broom to assist in producing glass furniture for the A-grade corporate hospitality boxes at the new Wembley Stadium. From Lee’s initial concept we worked through the design stages, developing various bespoke components to overcome issues relating to the size of the tables required – some of them needed to seat twenty!

One of the major requests was to maintain a feeling of space within the rooms. By using glass as the primary material we were able to meet these important criteria – being transparent the eye tends to focus through the glass rather than on it. We knew that glass also reflects light making the rooms feel brighter. We wanted to keep a consistency of the design even though this presented problems as a table required to seat eight people needed different considerations to a table needed to seat twenty! After deliberation, a bonded glass cube was chosen as the best solution for the base as this could be used singularly on the smaller tables and repeated for the larger tables.

Next came the issue of how to ensure the glass table tops were retained on the base. To overcome this issue we developed a bespoke fixing bracket which coupled the top to the base. These fittings needed to be discreet and form a feature of the table. By countersinking holes in the glass surface, these part conical shaped polished aluminium fixings finished flush with the glass top and produced a novel feature whilst ensuring they did interfere with the flat surface. Another major consideration was how to level the tables. We overcame this issue by designing an aluminium foot that slotted onto the glass base and could be adjusted by turning the lower section counter clockwise. The result proved stunning – one particular box holder decided the table was so good they had it relocated to Stamford Bridge!

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