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Small Glass Dining Table

Small Glass Dining Table Range

The perfect choice of glass table for dining in a smaller space. These small dining tables utilize the beautiful transparency of glass to maximize the visual space in any smaller room.

A dining table made entirely from glass or with just a glass top has some major advantages over one made from an opaque material such as wood or metal. One main advantage is that the Glass in these tables will allow light to pass through unaltered, preserving the much-needed light within a small space. The transparency of these coffee tables will avoid any visual cluttering making spaces feel much larger. These two factors make glass the perfect material for use in your new dining table.

Should none these small glass dining table be perfect for you then simply send us an inquiry and one of our in house design team will reply right away.

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  • Italian Dining Table
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  • 213 Macs Table Modular Tables Round
    Modular tables base
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  • Glass and Wood Dining Table
    Jonathan wood and glass dining table Tonon
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  • round glass dining table
    round glass dining table extra clear
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  • circle glass table
    circle glass table orange close up
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  • epsylon
    Glass dining table epsylon fiam
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  • circular table
    circular table rust
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